Parish Worker Reporting Guide


Does a parishioner face an urgent, time critical, life threatening situation or other emergency?

IF YES Contact Emergency Services immediately Phone 000 For more information go to the website: Information on 000


Has there been suspected or alleged criminal conduct against a child?

IF YES Contact the Office of Safeguarding [OoSG] P. 4979 1390 (Business hours, Mon. to Fri.) or use the OoSG online reporting form OR Contact the NSW Police Assistance Line Phone 131 444, then contact OoSG


Have you determined whether the alleged conduct constitutes a risk of significant harm [ROSH] report?

IF YES Contact the OoSG P. 4979 1390 or use the OoSG online reporting form


Access the Online Mandatory Reporters Guide [MRG] and enter the information available to you

Remember to download the MRG Final Decision Report onto your computer:


The alleged conduct constitutes a ROSH Report

Online MRG Decision states “Immediate report to Community Services”. Phone the Child Protection Helpline immediately Phone 132 111

Online MRG Decision states “Report to Community Services”. Contact the Child Protection Helpline within 24 hours P. 132 111 OR E-report to Dept. of Community & Justice [DCJ]


Do you need to report the alleged conduct to OoSG?
Is one or more of the people who committed the alleged conduct a parish or diocesan worker? (i.e. volunteer, employee, religious, cleric) *
Has there been an incident of serious child-on-child abuse? (e.g. physical assault, sexual assault or misconduct, persistent bullying serious psychological harm) *

If ‘NO’ to both questions stop, there are no more reporting obligations to meet. If ‘YES’ to either question, continue to the following questions

Should the alleged conduct be reported to the OoSG? *

For detailed information go to: Reporting child abuse For detailed information go to: Reporting abuse of vulnerable adults

Do you believe a parish worker is ministering to children without a WWCC? *

If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of two previous questions Contact the OoSG P. 4979 1390 or use the OoSG online reporting form


Should you advise the Bishop’s Office? (incl. Vicar-General & Chancellor)
Does the alleged conduct involve a priest or deacon? *

If ‘YES’ contact the Bishop’s Office immediately. If ‘NO’ proceed to following questions

Have you contacted Emergency Services (000)? *
Is there an allegation of serious criminality involving a parish or diocesan worker? *
Is it likely that there will be media interest in the alleged conduct/incident? *

If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the previous questions, consider whether you should advise the Bishop’s Office

When you have finished working through the reporting process close this page.